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We hope you enjoy our free material. Please remember that mourning is not an easy process, try to be patient and forgiving with yourself. 

As much as you can, read, listen and practice with an open mind. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: however you feel or whatever you are going through, you are not alone

We offer a number of personalized services that might really help you move forward.

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"Before starting this program was like a ticking timebomb full of anger, anxiety, stress and resentment about the past. After only one session I felt like a weight had been literally lifted off me. Now I feel like I can eventually move forward with my relationships and life again in positive ways."

- Peter B.

"After going to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and having little to no result I found Memourne and tried the free hypnotherapy session.It worked. I decided to try the coaching as well and every technique I was taught worked wonders. Thanks again guys."

- Shannon L.