One of the easiest, accessible yet effective strategies that we can use to work our way through grief, sorrow and difficult moments is definitely hypnotherapy. Multiple clinical studies have shown that a simple 10-15 minutes practice once or twice daily can lead to fast results especially in the treatment of anxiety and stress-related disorders (source: National Library of Medicine).

So let's have a closer look to hypnotherapy and how it can help us.

What is hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a treatment performed by sending the patient into a hypnotic state, which allows a qualified therapist to speak directly to the subconscious mind and to instigate the body's natural mental and physical self-healing processes.

So... what is a hypnotic state then? 

Hypnosis is a particular state in which we can simultaneously experience high level of relaxation, concentration and awareness. While it can sound a bit weird, it is a perfectly natural state of our minds which happens spontaneously when we are daydreaming or lost in our thoughts, for example: the time passes very quickly and we experience good feelings in our mind and body.Anybody can reach or be be sent into a hypnotic state. Despite common misconceptions, it doesn't mean the patient is stupid or simple. And just to clarify another myth: patients cannot be forced to do things against their will, or make changes that they don't want to make. Stage hypnosis is a show with the only aim of entertainment, and despite the name has nothing in common with the safe and powerful practice of hypnotherapy.

How and why does it work? 

Whether we want it or not, most of our daily actions are driven by our subconscious mind. Different studies show different results, with some suggesting up to 90% of our actions, but besides the figures the scientific community agrees on the fact that most of our lives are subconscious.So if our subconscious mind is so powerful, it makes sense that changing our subconscious processes will lead to great changes in how we feel and perform. Through daily hypnosis sessions we can tap directly into the deeper part of our brains and create the changes that we are looking for. With constant practice you will gradually find yourself feeling better, losing bad habits or doing things that felt so difficult, easier and easier.

OK. So how can I try? 

Getting started with hypnotherapy is very easy. If you lost someone and you are experiencing grief and sadness, we strongly recommend you to:


If you are looking for a more personalized audio recording, we can help you with that as well. You can get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with this form: 


For a completely customized and flexible therapy plan, search and contact a local certified hypnosis practitioner.