Grief counselling

grief counselling session

Although everyone's personal reaction to a bereavement is different, most people will experience strong emotional responses when someone close to them dies. 

The main initial responses to a death are generally disbelief, shock and anger, even if the event has long been expected. These may lessen in time and can be followed by a sense of guilt, depression, anxiety and despair. You may also feel an acute sense of longing for the dead person, hopelessness at the thought of their absence, loneliness and sadness at their loss or even a sense of relief that they are gone (which may, in turn, lead to feelings of guilt).

Some of the symptoms experienced in bereavement can be quite acute and distressing. It is important to realize that these are normal parts of the grieving process and will pass in time.

But this is not to say that we simply have to accept them: with the right help and interventions, you can ease your burden and speed up your recovery. For example, there might be support groups in your area. If you are religious, there may be pastoral care available through your local priest, order, minister, rabbi or congregation.

We offer highly specialized coaching programs and consultations that can really make a difference for you. Whether you have just lost someone, if some times have passed or even if you simply just feel overwhelmed by the events, talk to us, we can help.


If you still don't feel ready to openly talk to someone about your loss, don't worry, it's understandable. We have a freely downloadable hypnotherapy session that you can check out in your own time, in the comfort of your home. Download it now, it's free. For more information you can also see our hypnotherapy page.

REMEMBER: Whatever you are experiencing or going through at the moment, you are not alone. Let us help, it's what we do best.