Coping with loss

Mar 31, 20
Coping with loss

If you have experienced a loss, there are a number of things that will help you as you grieve:

  • Be gentle with yourself. Your energy may be low for a while so do not place too many demands on yourself.
  • Look after your physical health. You may find that you have lost your appetite. However, it is important that you eat healthily. Many people find eating small but frequent meals helpful. It is also important to try to get some exercise. Even a small walk each day can be beneficial.
  • Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. This will help you to avoid becoming run down or physically ill.
  • Seek out support from others who are willing to listen. Talking is important because it helps you express what you are feeling. Try to find one or two people with whom you can simply be yourself and who will allow you to talk when you need to.
  • Allow yourself to experience the feelings that come with bereavement, even if they are difficult. It can be helpful to talk these over with someone you trust. This could be a family member, although it is important to remember that they are grieving too. Sometimes, talking to someone outside the family can be beneficial.
  • Don’t rush things. You are trying to come to terms with a major upheaval in your life. Give yourself permission to take things a bit easier. In general, it is best to put off making major decisions such as moving home or changing jobs for six months to a year.